About PONGS®

For more than 100 years, PONGS® has been developing and manufacturing technical and decorative textiles for countless industries. Their reputation for quality and know-how made PONGS® the top address for digital printing, trade fair construction, stage, theatre and event building, visual merchandising and innovative solutions for interior design.



From yarns to the final product, PONGS® has got a full-scale production. They do their own warping, weaving and wrap knitting, taking products right through to the finishing. Because they manage this production process, they can ensure that the utmost care is taken at each stage, resulting in perfect quality. 

Acoustics of PONGS®

Acoustics are becoming increasingly crucial in interior design because contemporary design, which is supposed to affect all senses positively, is in demand more than ever. Only optimal acoustics make perceptible comfort perfect.  


Sound-absorbing textiles from PONGS® are conceptually ambivalent: they harmonise the surround sound and at the same time convince visually, whether with the three-dimensional surface such as SILENCIO or crease-resistant as AKUSTICO. With bright colours and detailed prints, these textiles become a decorative element for walls, ceilings, room dividers or pieces of furniture.


Silence, the sound of inner peace and harmony. Acoustics are becoming increasingly important when it comes to modern, contemporary interior design. Only perfect sound can create that perceptible comfort. Touching all of our senses. Smart textiles combining sound-absorbing properties with intense luminosity and richness


of details.


Smart textiles combine sound-absorbing properties with intense luminosity and richness of details. This great upholstery material for furniture and living accessories is resistant to abrasion and creasing due to its typical crepe weave. An even surface from any point of view, available in 16 different colours, and custom printing. Available in 5m wide roll.


Textile Construction, Trade Fairs, Theatre, Stretch Covering of Walls and Ceilings, Stage, Show & Events, Visual Merchandising, Curtains, Upholstery, Acoustics, Digital Printing.


This sound-absorbing fabric is a luxurious product for the textile covering of walls and ceilings. It is available in black and white and digitally printable as well. DESCOR® PREMIUM acoustic solely applies to building professionals. Available in 5m wide roll.



DESCOR® system for stretch covering of walls and ceilings, Digital Printing


The first acoustic fabric with a three-dimensional look and feel. Sound waves are not only absorbed but also broken, with a positive impact on sound perception. SILENCIO® is suitable for high-resolution digital printing and is recommended for design-oriented interior decoration, where acoustic aspects are considered. This also includes future-oriented, dynamic approaches using room dividers or room-in-room concepts. Available in 5m wide roll.


Digital Printing, Trade Fair and Textile Construction, Displays, Acoustics, Stage / Show / Events, Visual Merchandising, Stretch Covering of Walls and Ceilings.



Optimising room acoustics is one of the major topics for the future. With PONGS®, we have flexible yet exceptionally hard-wearing acoustic textiles for sound-optimised interior decoration. Ideal for producing curtains and ceiling sails and for covering design features with a sound-absorbing function. The unique weaving process ensures a uniform-looking surface from any angle, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including auditoriums, recording studios, home theatres, and conference rooms. 

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