Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding is a hygienic and decorative interior wall finish with unique properties as lightweight, smooth surface and mould resistance. This solid smooth outer skin gives the sheet a silk gloss finish. The sheet boasts low thermal conductivity, affording good levels of thermal and acoustic insulation to suit a range of cladding applications. Good flexural strength and excellent processing properties make these sheets the perfect material for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

Decorative Cladding

KömaStyle Deco is a combination of an integral P.V.C. foam sheet coated with decorative films. These panels are resistant to moisture, chemicals, light and heat. The system is lightweight, easy to handle and install.

The KömaStyle Design sheets are created by printing on a white wall cladding substrate with a high gloss coating to enhance the image and colour definition.

The KömaStyle UNI sheets have a glass-like coating and are available in different colours, gloss or matt.

Hygienic Cladding

Hyg-ie-Clad is our own branded PVC cladding sheet. It is a smooth white hygienic panel which offers the right solutions for ambient with strict hygienic restrictions as commercial kitchens and food preparation sectors.

Hyg-ie-Clad Antimicrobial offers an additional layer of protection for clinical projects in Medical, Pharma and Veterinary applications. This sheet uses a Biomaster Antimicrobial Treatment, tharevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms. Biomaster is a durable protection that lasts the lifetime of the sheet and it is not harmful to people, pets and other materials.

Decor Cladding

Hygienic Cladding