Locks Restaurant
Furniture Refurbishment

Customer: Locks Restaurant
Fitters: Universal Graphics
Author: Naue Tunes
Date: 11/04/2022

Locks is a neighbourhood restaurant with one of Dublin’s most unique dining rooms situated on the Grand Canal banks. It was awarded Best Private Dining and Club Restaurant at the 2018 Restaurant awards. They serve modern seasonal food, using quality m sourced ingredients and creativity in every dish, focusing on flavour, all in a relaxing, informal environment nestled in Portobello.

The restaurant is run by a passionate chef team of Connor O’Dowd and Paul McNamara.


Locks Restaurant was refurbishing its premises and wanted its existing furniture to match its modern and aesthetically pleasing visuals.

The requirements included:

  • No construction noises

  • Minimum disruption

  • Rejuvenate furniture without the need for replacement

  • Easy and quickly maintenance


Our LX Hausys Marbling BM002 was used on
all furniture to create an entirely new marble
look without needing a stone replacement or
new furniture to be purchased. This film was
chosen due to its great looks and texture,
durability, 3D conformability, waterproofness,
and easiness of cleaning and maintenance.


Using our cutting-edge interior film solutions
can help refurbish restaurant furniture
without the need for replacement and hiring
skips. In addition to this, when using our
interior films, any damaged parts can be
replaced without substituting the whole


There was no need for furniture replacement
with our interior films: decreasing actual and
future costs and environmental impacts.


  • Completion time: 1 day

  • Minimum Environmental Impact

  • No need for new furniture to be purchased

  • High-quality fitting with outstanding attention to detail


Interie is the perfect company to work with for renovations as they have multiple options to choose from when resurfacing furniture & their support team are  incredibly knowledgeable.
Transforming existing furniture, modernising the space in question with efficiency. The restaurant was completely refurbished but some of the built in furniture needed
a facelift, without closing the premises. The product we chose allowed for clean and fast installation and the finish is unbelievable.


Gwen Kenny, Vice President of The Interior Association and Awarded Interior Designer, Divine Design


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