Organoid Natural Surfaces

See. Feel. Smell.

Authentic handcrafted materials with self-adhesive backing – Avery Dennison Organoid Natural Surfaces offer endless unique, nature-inspired interior design possibilities. All with direct bonding from smooth, plastered, and painted walls to textured concrete surfaces, as well as windows.

See it

with authentic material
in unique colours

Feel it

experience the original
structure of
the natural material

Smell it

enjoy the pure
fragrance of a
natural material

Transforms every space into a truly unique experience

The Avery Dennison® Organoid Natural Surfaces Interior Decoration product line enables you to bring the outside in and makes every space a truly unique experience.
Using natural raw materials, the Organoid products provide a one of a kind experience, engaging almost all of your senses.
Personalise the look of your interior, feel the unique texture, and smell nature’s original fresh scents.

Be the first to explore a new way of evoking novel reactions to interior design.


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