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A division of the well-established Material Solutions, Interie is a company that seeks to bring innovative solutions for the interior design and architect industries. Interie was founded by a team with experience in both customer service and design.

Our core objective is to find a range of products that will help the design team to differentiate their projects.

Interie specialise in partnering with new and established suppliers in order to source unique products and the finest materials for our customers.

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May 31 2023
About PONGS® For more than 100 years, PONGS® has been developing and manufacturing technical and decorative textiles for countless industries. Their reputation for quality and know-how made PONGS® the top address for digital printing, trade fair construction, stage, theatre and event building, visual merchandising and innovative solutions for interior design.     From yarns to… Continue reading SOUND ABSORPTION WITH PONGS®

6 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

May 31 2023
     1.   Embrace The Wood Wood brings a warm and inviting atmosphere to a kitchen space, making it an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a cosy and natural ambience. The natural grains and textures in wood add depth and character to the kitchen, creating a sense of timelessness and charm. Whether it’s rich walnut,… Continue reading 6 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas
bar decorated in blush

Colour Trends for 2023

Feb 14 2023
2023 is looking like the year for self-expression. People aren’t following trends so strictly, and the clean, minimalist aesthetic looks like a thing of the past. Folks are moving now towards bold colours and strong textures and truly just let their creativity flow within their space. We’re seeing wall cladding and panelling pop up in… Continue reading Colour Trends for 2023

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