Give space to imagination

Decal all decor 2d range gives space to imagination in interior decoration. Combining aesthetics and design with effectiveness and functionality, it is perfect for those who buy, apply and enjoy.We introduce our textured polypropylene (PP) films, which create new atmospheres and generate new sensations with versatility,safety, resistance, ecology, and easy cleaning.

A set of properties brought together in a single layer structure that makes it possible to idealize houses, offices, hotels,restaurants, shops and many other projects without investing in a total remodelling or making changes.
The real change is in all decor 2d products and it is possible to do it with…

Exclusiveand personalised Realism

In interior decoration, every detail counts for comfort, and the technical combination of printing and texture in the production of our all decor 2d films makes the printed design and the deeppores of the relief totally coincident.

The colours and finishes also contribute to creating natural and realistic textures, with a standard thickness range between0,10mm and 0,20mm (0,004in to 0,008in).

Exclusive proposals for unique atmospheres,valued by the possibility of personalization through UV LED and latex printing technologies.

Willingnessto think bigand in detail

Flexibility and stability arecharacteristics that distinguish all decor 2d products from printing to removal. The diversity of applications makes it possible to think big and transform simple walls into extraordinary scenarios or highlight details when combining
new trends and old furniture.

The waterproofing granted by the double side PE (polyethylene)coated liner optimizes and stabilizes the printing of personalized works. Production is also enhanced with the possibility of reusing the rolls and reducing material waste.

Application is made easier by the primer, which covers the back of our products, and the combination of paper and liner eliminates paper curl until the moment of removal.

Time for new stories and memories

Our all decor 2d films last upto 10 years, leaving to each person’s judgement the time for their new stories, both personal and professional.
Whether in an occasional event or over a decade, the cohesion of high performance high tack adhesive is always present.

The same happens with the transparent thermoset varnish,which covers the surface of the products, protecting them against abrasion, scratches and chemical influences. Its composition ensures resistance to water, humidity and mold, as well as resistance to light and ease of cleaning.

Responsibilityand tranquillity

Decorating with all decor 2d is more than you can see and touch. It is what you are feeling now, without forgetting the future and, with it in mind, we have created the concept“responsible aesthetics”.We ensure materials produced with environmental awareness and complying with international hygiene and safety standards.

The formulation of our films is free of plasticizer components (PVCFree), halogen and formaldehyde, providing a barrier against the latter. The pigments used are harmless and the possibility of elimination by incineration translates into low emissions.

To feel the atmospheres with added tranquillity, theproducts comply with the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation, adopted by the European Union to reduce the risks of chemicals in human and planet’s health.