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PONGS® Textiles

With PONGS® textiles, you open up a whole new dimension for interiors. The system for covering walls, ceilings and panels completely redefines exclusive room design and is the modern alternative to conventional wallpapers and coverings. The system thus combines aesthetics and the highest functional features.

Clever properties enable completely new room architectures and, with a spectrum of almost unlimited design options, leave nothing to be desired. Practical solutions for acoustics and lighting.


Acoustic moments are becoming increasingly important in interior design, because contemporary design, which should positively affect all of our senses, is more and more in demand. Only optimal acoustics make noticeable comfort perfect. Sound-absorbing textiles from PONGS® are conceptually ambivalent. They harmonize the sound of the room and at the same time convince visually. Thanks to bright colours and detailed prints, these textiles become a decorative element for walls, ceilings, room dividers or pieces of furniture.

Conservatoire Jean-Baptiste Lully (Puteaux, France) Architects: V. Brossy & Associés Implemented solution: Textiles from PONGS
PONGS® | Headoffice - Showroom | Villa Lantz (Düsseldorf, Germany) Implemented solution: Digitally printed DESCOR® PREMIUM & Artist IncDia

Perfect Backlighting

Light creates atmospheres and moods; it is one of the most important elements of architectural concepts because it has a direct influence on emotions. The creation of perfect light diffusion is sometimes a supreme textile discipline. Specially developed textiles spark a luminous liaison between function and aesthetics.

PONGS® manufactures the world’s best products for optimal backlighting and meets the high demands of the market with specially developed, innovative textiles: minimal yarn spacing thanks to tight weaving technology, crease-resistant finish, virtually free from white and black breakage and also excellent in light scattering and permeability.

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