Material Solutions Head Office

Façade Renovation at Material Solutions

In this case study, we will showcase the transformation of our building using façade film, window film, signage and branding.

In November 2021, Print Solutions decided to rebrand and is now trading as Material Solutions. Another milestone for the company happened in February 2022; due to the growth of our team, we moved into a new office building. An objective rebranding needed to deliver was to portray a modern and professional message. Of course, this objective applied when it came to transforming the front of our new facility. A high priority was placed on ensuring that new branding protocols were not compromised. This included colours, fonts, and the message.

By showcasing our own products and effectively extending our showroom to the outside, the statements we aspired to achieve were quality and functionality. Now, as customers visit our building, they will get a first-hand look at the durability and quality of our products while receiving expert customer service and a great experience.


  • Durability
  • Minimal disruption
  • Modern look
  • Impactful
  • Sustainable
  • Increased privacy
  • Consistent LED

The Challenge

Our main criteria were to showcase our new brand in our building with quality products but maintain minimal disruption during the installation. Therefore, we sent the new company colours to Avery Dennison to get a perfect match based on our RAL colour code. Sustainability was also one of our goals. We chose products from our range that would help with energy consumption, heat maintenance, light transmission, and durability. It was crucial that our signage LED lighting was of high quality and that an expert made the drawings to position the lighting at the right place to have consistency throughout the signage.

The Solution

To meet all these objectives, we sought products that would meet all our needs in our range.
Our Avery Dennison Façade film is a cast film designed for the demands of outdoor applications, offering up to 10 years of durability. This film offers conformability with high adhesion on difficult building substrates such as aluminium, uncoated/coated steel, plastic, and reinforced façade panels. With Facade Film, you can achieve a fast, clean application with minimal disruption. There is no need to touch up for up to 10 years.

  • Conforms to curved & irregular surfaces for a smooth paint-like finish
  • Fast, clean application with minimal disruption and downtime
  • Easy Apply technology for even faster application on large surfaces
  • Continues to look good for up to 10 years
  • Unique custom/branded colours & finishes for building owners


  • Avery FF RAL 5011 Lustre
  • Avery MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS Gloss Permanent


  • Avery MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS Gloss Permanent
  • Avery DOL 1460 Gloss Laminate


  • Avery SWF Matt Black
  • Avery R Silver 35 i


  • FOREX® Classic White 19.0mm
  • Cast Acrylic Opal 4029 (LT 30%) 5mm
  • Avery MPI 2150 Translucent


  • ULTRA 650 WHITE65K 200 M100
  • LyteRayz LRZ3 RGB B200A
  • Driver Classic Line 2 60W 12V
  • Driver Classic Line 2 180W 12V

The LED sign was premade and brought on site in two parts. Each part was attached to two solid aluminium panels and were then placed into profiles that were installed onto the facade of the bulding. Both panels were wrapped with our facade film to match the new building colour. This allowed for a quick and easy installation. They fitted the electrics within the profile and attached the two panels on top.

The Avery Dennison MPI 2150 Translucent Film was used on our logo colour bar to enhance our colour while showcasing the lighting. This 90-micron white translucent Polymeric Calendered film protects the print against UV radiation and abrasion and has 7 years of durability and was laminated with our Avery Dennison DOL 2400 series.

LED Specifications


  • AgiLight ULTRA 650 WHITE65K 200 M100: designed for brighter and deeper signs. This product expands its light coverage, requiring fewer modules per sign. It’s IP68 rated and has a 9-year warranty.

Power supplies

  • AgiLight 60W 12V: explicitly designed or signage lighting with over-temperature and over-voltage protections, surge safety, and a short-circuit shutdown feature with automatic restart.

LED Lighting is a more energy-efficient option over traditional signage lighting. Our LED lighting is from AgiLight. Their leading-edge solutions offer an innovative optic that expands coverage, requiring fewer modules per sign. Therefore, they help reduce energy costs and environmental impact due to the efficient LEDs that provide more light with less power. The longevity of the modules also contributes to savings as they lead to fewer replacement parts and maintenance and higher efficacy leading to saving on installation costs by using fewer lights.


The optimal look was not achieved in some areas of our facade due to dents in the existing aluminium panels. Our team had two options to fix this problem: repair the current board or apply a new panel wrapped with our facade film. We chose the latter: wrapped our 3A Composite DIBOND® aluminium composite sheet and installed it in our facade. This seamless option allowed our fit out to be completed with minimum disruption

Window & signage installation took 1 day between two fitters!

Avery Dennison MPI 1105 Easy Apply was used for the printed triangles on the top right-hand corner of the building’s facade. It is a premium high-gloss cast film with superior 3D conformability, stunning printability, and maximum durability for complex surfaces with curves and recesses. Our brand pattern was printed onto this film, cut to fit the corner, and added to the top right-hand side of the facade. Avery Dennison DOL 1460 Gloss Laminate was added to the film for better weather resistance and longer durability.

The letters were made using routed 3A Composite FOREX® Classic White 19mm 1560. The letters were measured onto the wall, routed from the PVC sheets, and then sprayed with white paint. They were then secured and mounted onto the facade using the EasyFix Medium Glue-On fittings as you can see above.

Reflective Window Films offers a simple way to boost a building’s sustainability while adding a solid visual statement and enhancing privacy and comfort. This range of films also allows for exterior application without disruption; therefore, it is a popular choice for commercial applications.

Our choice for our reflective window film was the Avery Dennison R Silver 35i™. This film enhances the appearance and rejects excess solar heat, with a competitive price point and a range of visible light transmission levels, for most glazing systems.

Because this film blocks heat from the sun and harmful UV rays, it conserves cooling energy while making the glass shatter-resistant. The Avery Dennison R Silver 35i™ range of window films also reduce the carbon footprint from cooling systems by minimizing heat buildup entering through windows.

For our windows, we have chosen the Avery Dennison R Silver 35i™. When applied in a double glazed glass window, it rejects 58% of total solar energy with over 63% glare reduction and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.42.

The Final Result