Facade Film

Transforming buildings

Avery Dennison® Facade Film transforms buildings, ensuring fast, clean and easy redecoration across a vast range of residential and commercial projects. You can create a truly professional finish overnight, with minimum disruption to building owners, users and neighbours. 

Designed for the demands of outdoor applications, with exposure to the elements, Facade Film offers durability of up to 10 years and conformability in one single layer – contouring smoothly around curved and irregular surfaces. With high adhesion on difficult building substrates such as plastics, aluminium, uncoated/coated steel and reinforced facade panels, it offers an excellent alternative to traditional paint solutions.

Facade Film provides a single-layer system, a ‘spray paint’ finish and double the durability of paint. It is an excellent alternative to paint, which often fails to give a perfect result on plastics, aluminium, metal and HPL surfaces. Paint also often requires several layers of primer, after which sanding/other cosmetic defects can still be visible.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent conformability
  • Up to 10 years warranted durability
  • Permanent adhesion – no primer required
  • Fire classification to European standards
  • Custom colour match available, from 100 linear meters MOQ
  • Narrow (0.20 m) and wide (1.23 m) widths available
  • Easy Apply Technology
  • Gloss and lustre finishes

Application Areas

  • Restyling, refurbishing, branding or decorating commercial, retail and residential buildings
  • Designed for exterior building facades, window frames, walls, door frames & panels


Colour match available for any colour with gloss and lustre finishes.

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