How to improve your mood with Biophilic design

We spend the majority of our time either in our homes or at our place of work. Since the pandemic began, this became the same place for a lot of people. It is no secret that study shows how our surroundings andthe environment we spend time in can directly affect our general mood and wellbeing.… Continue reading How to improve your mood with Biophilic design

Wall Washing and the Art of the Graze

Walls can be illuminated in two basic ways – wall washing and wall grazing. The main difference in the two styles is the distance from the lighting fixture to the surface. The wall washing technique starts with light fixtures

Robert’s Steakhouse

Location: Atlantic, City, NJ Lighting Design: ICRAVE Applications: Toe Kick Lighting, Cove Lighting, Under Cabinet, Bar Lighting Products: Static White RibbonLyte Photographer: Katie Thurber Robert’s Steakhouse in Atlantic City,

FaceGym: LED Lighting

FaceGym offers non-invasive wellness workouts for the face – actually, 40 muscles from the neck up – designed to improve blood circulation, collagen levels and lymphatics that help stimulate cell renewal.

How to use LEDs in a retail setting

You’ve installed some great LED signage to get customers inside your store, and it’s working! Congrats! Now, it’s time to upgrade the lighting inside the shop. In retail settings, lighting designers use LED products in four basic types of architectural lighting:

O.N.S Clothing: LED Lighting

O.N.S Clothing is a growing menswear boutique with stores in Hong Kong and New York City that aims to balance sustainability and social responsibility with high standards and utilitarian design. Custom high-CRI LED lighting fixtures from Acolyte