How to improve your mood with Biophilic design

We spend the majority of our time either in our homes or at our place of work. Since the pandemic began, this became the same place for a lot of people. It is no secret that study shows how our surroundings andthe environment we spend time in can directly affect our general mood and wellbeing.

This year, we want to take a look at what many designers are predicting we will be seeing in the interior design world.  Most of these trends involve the idea of making people feel at ease in their homes or workplace after what has been a rather strange and stressful couple of years.We have found that biophilic design is mentioned in conversation surrounding this years trends, stripping it back to natural surfaces such as marble and stone. The colours we can expect to see popping up everywhere seem to be chocolate browns and terracotta – as well as plenty of greenery. Turning our living spaces into a warm and cosy area to be enjoyed is one of the more important notes being made this year, taking a step away from cold minimalistic design with all white interiors. Interesting textures and textiles are key to make things interesting while keeping it natural.

At Interie, you can find wallpapers and wall films to create the perfect living or working space with elements of biophilic design. Not only can you transform your areas by changing up the walls, our interior films can also be used to refurbish statement pieces of furniture so they too can tie in with your overall vision – while being sustainable!

Freshen up your walls..

At Interie, we have a range of wall and interior films, with differing benefits to suit your needs and budget. If you’re looking for a sophisticated film, which you can reface walls and furniture with, there are more than enough options in this range, to ensure you find the perfect surface. We can also offer P.V.C. free films, so you can be sustainable while creating the perfect biophilic living and working spaces.

An almost perfect option for biophilic design, is a completely natural film, composed of raw materials. Our Organoid Natural Surfaces are PVC free films, with the palette made up of real aspects of nature. If you want to bring the outdoors in to really improve your mood, with these films you can see, feel, smell and experience nature within closed doors.

Why replace when you can reface…

Using our decorative films to transform furniture is a sustainable and trendy option which we can offer. Choose from a wide range of colours, to improve your mood by totally changing your environment without having to replace your favourite furniture.

Create privacy in offices and workspaces with window film. Our Squid Window Textiles are 100% woven polyester, which is PVC free and allows the light in while creating significant privacy for those inside, while allowing them to see out. The colour range is a natural palette, fitting the theme of biophilic design, while being sustainable.

All products are available to order at Interie.

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