Thermoplastic Marking

Brand your business with DECOMARK

Through creativity and colourful design, DecoMark can give you the opportunity to utilise your non-functional open areas by turning them into active and recreational spaces. Providing innovative options for widening image, service and brand awareness are important parameters for all companies. For example, DecoMark can be used to mark parking areas with corporate colours, logos or symbols, welcome your guests,direct them in the right direction and deliver your corporation’s message and culture.


DecoMark is a performed thermoplastic material, containing an intermix of fine aggregate binders and recycled glass beads which gives a high level of skid resistance and retro-reflectivity. This material is conforming, and often exceeding the current UK and European Regulations.
  • Installation is carried out using a standard propane lance directly onto asphalt and concrete, please check with us regarding suitability for other surfaces. The material is fabricated to form shapes, signs or any manner of traditional road and playground markings.
  • The environmental safe material comprises organic pigments, recycled and sustainable raw materials which are free from lead, chromates, phthalates and heavy metals.
“Thank you very much for the yard marking work that you recently completed in the school. We have had experience of a few different companies doing yard marking work over the past few years but none of their work is a match for the quality of your work. You provided us with an outdoor chess board and a compass - the quality of both markings is exceptional and we anticipate that they will both last for many years. Our students are already getting so much enjoyment from them.”
Aodh O’Connor
Principal at St Damians School
“Thank you very much for our spectacular logo outside the Bounty. It is brilliant and we appreciate your effort very much.”
Artane Project 1
Michael Cleary
Honorary Secretary, Buccaneers RFC Rugby Club

Why choose us?


DecoMark has a wide range of standard colours available, 26 in total, which makes it a joy to design decorative signs and symbols to fit every need. If required, we also make customised colours outside the standard palette. The thermoplastic material used in DecoMark has passed the sensibility tests according to international standards. The pigments used in DecoMark are organic and will not emit any environmentally harmful substances. Using DecoMark to create decorative markings minimises the risk of skin problems and allergic reactions. You do not have to worry about safety issues, regardless of what theme you choose. Our high friction materials minimise the risk of slippery surfaces and make it a very safe place for the children to play. The installation requires minimum disruption, pre-cut signs and symbols are ready to use on delivery and can be laid all year round. All that is required is a brush and a heat torch.
We have partnered up with Uniplay to deliver the best possible outcome for our customers. There is a large selection of themes and templates to choose from to suit a multitude of uses for themorplastic markings.