Organoid Case Study Case Study

Organoid Natural Surfaces Case Study

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This case study will look
at the installation of
Organoid window film in
the Brown Thomas at
Dundrum Centre. We will
showcase the impact
and potential of the
Organoid range. Avery
Dennison Organoid
Natural Surfaces offer
endless unique, nature
inspired interior design

Client: Brown Thomas
Date: April 2022
Product: Organoid
Skellet Leaves Translucent
Fitters: CGL Retail Solutions Ltd

In April 2022, Brown Thomas were looking for an unconventional window film for the rear of their shop looking out onto the Dundrum Bypass. They wanted something elegant and alternative that mirrored their brand. They wanted something that wouldn’t block the light from entering while also allowing for privacy from the outside. Brown Thomas wanted a sustainable window film without compromising the visual aspect. This is why we felt that Organoid was the perfect pick.

The Skellet Leaves Translucent was chosen out of the range as it is elegant and allows for a lot of light to come through. With its green colour removed, the delicate skeleton of a real dried rubber tree leaf conveys a feeling of lightness.




A challenge faced by the fitters
for this installation was the
difference between the width of
the rolls of film versus the
window panes. This meant that
each roll of film had to be lined
up to the matching leaf pattern
on the adjoining roll of Organoid.
After carefully lining up the
leaves and applying the film to
the window, they were expertly
able to match the patterns to
make the job look like one large
piece and all done in under 4
hours of fitting.

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The result in the end was very successful and exactly what the client was looking for. The Avery Dennison® Organoid Natural Surfaces Interior Decoration product line enables you to bring the outside in and makes every space a truly unique experience.

About the Fitter​

CGL Retail Solutions Ltd are a creative andinnovative shop fitting and sign making company that engages the brands they work with by creating on trend concepts and ideas. Their commitment to constantly re-searching trends and markets help them to fully understand their clients requirements and their wants and needs. Simply put – They Get It!
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