Interior Film Training

Architectural Film: Wall and Furniture.

Induction Course.

Marketing and hands-on Fitting Technique.

A One-day in-house event. This course offers the ideal opportunity to begin a new journey for either a new start-ups or a matured company looking to enhance their existing business by adapting existing skills it is perfect for beginners, or film wrappers/ applicators who would like to expand their
expertise into the furniture and wall Architectural film segment.

Our Trainers are hands on when it comes to applying and selling Architectural adhesive films. They have a wealth of knowledge, gained from years of experience delivering successful projects, large or small.

Course Structure.
Film Installation Training.

Under the guidance of your trainer, you will be given access to one of our training wrapping pods, which are designed to help you developed and challenge your film application skills. You will be guided on how to initiate best practice and procedures, shown how to wrap difficult areas that may be encountered when working on a project. Plus you will get the opportunity to put into practice the techniques required to apply a range of architecture

Course Demonstrated Installation Techniques.

  • Corners internal and external.
  • Folding.
  • Splice.
  • Raised panels.
  • Door jams and rebates.
  • Radius corners.
  • How and when to use primers.

Marketing Training.

This course element will focus on all aspects of selling, the hints,tips and techniques how to sell architectural films. All successful business need to know their market, finding out the hard way can be costly. Our experience trainers will share their years of experience, describe varies project, share what made them successful and what caused failure.

Course Marketing Topic’s.

  • What is the potential market
  • Selling Techniques.
  • Sustainability, upcycle.
  • Types of film
  • Sector specific specification.
  • What creates a successful Project outcome.
  • What creates a unsuccessful Project outcome.
  • Under selling and over selling, do’s and don’ts.
  • Cost
  • Specification, project guidelines.
  • Material Availability/cost.
  • Supplier Support.
  • Quotation guidance.
  • Fitter Network.
  • Warranty.

Cost €280

  • 9th March
  • 25th May
  • 7th September