Facade Film – Transforming Buildings

Avery Dennison® Facade Film transforms buildings,
ensuring fast, clean and easy redecoration across a vast
range of residential and commercial projects.

You can create a truly professional finish overnight,
with minimum disruption to building owners, users and

Designed for the demands of outdoor applications, with
exposure to the elements, Facade Film offers durability
of up to 10 years and conformability in one single layer –
contouring smoothly around curved and irregular surfaces.

Facade Film - Transforming Buildings


  • Introduction
  • DW Werbung Goldsteig
  • Autohaus Mercedes Benz RKH
  • Residential care center Wissekerke
  • Zigt Media
  • Teleport Tower
  • SEW Eurodrive
  • Autohaus Renault Barthel
  • Limburg an der Lahn
  • Specifications
  • Training & Services

Colour Matching Goldsteig Käsereien Bayerwald GmbH in Cham

The challenge:

The Goldsteig building is a cheese
production and storage hall located at
the Goldsteig site in Cham – an existing
building that has recently been enlarged
with an extension. As a result of the work
carried out on the building, Goldsteig
branding was needed for the facade.

Accurate colour matching was
essential, to ensure the best
possible brand presentation.

The challenge:

The company chose Avery Dennison Facade Film for the
project for two principal reasons. The first was durability,
which was a key priority, and the second was the precision
of the colour matching service – available with this product
for small purchase quantities.

The film is also easy to handle and offers high adhesive
strength. Installers D.W. Advertising GmbH collaborated
with technicians from Hammersen Elementbau, and were
able to create a long-lasting foil with the colour of their
choice for use on the building facade.

Completion of the project
took about three weeks
following planning and
preparation, with two fitters
attaching the Facade Film
from a hanging ramp at a
height of 25m

Wrapping Autohaus Mercedes Benz RKH in Rheinbach

The challenge:

A visual upgrade was needed by the Rheinbacher
Kraftwagen Handelsgesellschaft (RKH) car
dealership store (North Rhine-Westphalia,
16 km SW of Bonn), in order to meet the design
guidelines and colour specifications of the
MAR2020 Mercedes-Benz program.

Visual upgrades to such car dealerships rely on skilful exterior presentation of the brand, based on design guidelines from the corporate headquarters

The solution:

The dealership opted for the more convenient option of Facade Film, rather than conventional coating with varnish or paint. Project manager Thomas Vogt from Ude Folierungskonzepte said that the project achieved the high-quality visual standard that Mercedes Benz RKH required: “For RKH, applying film to cover the showroom’s
facade and window profiles offered a high-quality and cost effective alternative to classic renovation with paint.

Our certified fabricators gave the 800 running meters of profiles a new shine in just 10 days.” Axel Frey, managing director of RKH, said that Avery Dennison Facade Film in black was used, replacing the existing silver profiles with a very high-quality finish: “We critically examined different solutions for the façade design and finally decided on the film. During the decision-making process, the focus was on quality,
and component-friendly surface coating.”

With film coating by Avery Dennison, we finally found an excellent design solution that fully meets our high aesthetic and functional standards and is worthy of a Mercedes car dealership.

Matching new and old Wissekerke residential care centers in Kruibeke

The challenge:

In August 2016 the company FrontArt was invited by a large construction company inKruibeketo to develop a solution for a new residential care center they had been asked to build next to an existing building.

The existing building’s cladding was causing problems, so a cost effective solution was needed that could transform the external appearance and make a good nmatch with the
aesthetics of the new building.

The solution:

FrontArt said that Avery Dennison’s Facade Film proved to be an excellent choice for changing completely the look of the building’s facade: “In total we applied 1230m2 of film around the building. First we completely sanded the top layer, and then we started our normal work. We took full control of this project from start to finish.”

The project was carried out by
five technicians, who used Facade
Film with a satin gloss to achieve
the radical new look of the existing
residential care center.

Wrapping Zigt Media building in Hoofddorp

The challenge:

The solution:

Representatives from Zigt Media contacted Neroqom Support to help them out with a project to achieve a fresh, modern look for their building. As specialists in restyling and upgrading offices and real estate, Neroqom Support assess the extent to which the building was dated.

And how it contrasted with
the modern buildings around it,
before deciding on a solution in
line with the Zigt Media brand.

Neroqom Support decided to
use Facade Film for the office
building’s upgrade. Specifically,
Facade Film with the colour
RAL 1015 Gloss was selected
by the architect to match Zigt
Media’s new house style. A
Neroqom Support spokesperson
explained: “Facade film is
extremely suitable for this form
of restyling. We worked with
two Avery Facade Film certified
technicians and saw an assembly
time of four weeks.”

“It was a very pleasant
collaboration with the client and the
project went perfectly to everyone’s

Wrapping the Teleport Tower in Amsterdam

The challenge:

The large size of the
Teleport Tower in
Amsterdam meant
that some creative
thinking was needed
by installers Holland
Geveltechniek when
they were asked
to enhance its

A particular challenge was created by the fact that the building was also difficult to reach.

The solution:

Holland Geveltechniek decided
to use suspension bridges and
special facade scaffolding. The
company’s skillful team went
with Avery Dennison’s suggestion
of RAL 9004 Satin Gloss Facade
Film, colour matched to suit the
project demands. It provided
an excellent finish on what was
previously a monotone facade.

The Holland Geveltechniek
technicians used 55 rolls of
foil to revitalize the whole
look of the tower.

Wrapping the SEW Eurodrive office building in Rotterdam

The challenge:

SEW Eurodrive wanted to implement their house
style within and around their office building. In
order to achieve this, the plastic frames posed
a particular challenge because they had to be
wrapped using a cost-effective and practical
solution. The company asked specialist wrapping
company Signfield for help in creating a long-term

The solution:

After a consultation with
Signfield representatives,
SEW Eurodrive opted for a foil
wrap, thanks to its quality and
durability which matched their
needs. The company’s house
style includes anthracite gray,
so this was chosen in Satin Gloss
for the frames, doors and styles.
Avery Dennison Facade Film
proved to be an outstanding
solution, and the customer was
pleased to hear both that the

work was dust-free and that
there would be no drying time
for the foil. Signfield said that
this made the process easier
than painting: “Thanks to our
years of experience with the
use of Facade Film from Avery
Dennison, the wrapping was
completed very quickly. We
had dry weather and a pleasant
temperature of around 20
degrees. In just two weeks, we
wrapped all of the frames, a
facade, the styles, and a number
of doors and windows.”

In total, 250m2 of foil were ordered and used and the material was applied by three technicians.

Renovating the Autohaus Renault Barthel in Brühl

The challenge:

The Renault Barthel car
dealership had a request to adjust
to the new requirements of the
Renault group head-quarters, and
this meant they had to update the
design of their store in Brühl.

Restyling included the entrance
doors and the showroom profiles,
which had to be changed from
light gray to matt anthracite.

The solution:

Tim Bathel, Managing Director
of Autohaus Barthel in Brühl,
decided after a thorough
examination to have the outer
elements coated with Facade
Film, as a better option when
compared with painting. The
building’s profiles are made
of aluminum, and Avery
Dennison Facade Film created
a homogeneous and arresting
building surface. Tim Barthel
was enthusiastic after the
completion of the application:
“The CI specifications from
Renault could be implemented
with the foil coating. As the
coating is stain-resistant and
easy to clean, my dealership will
look like new for a long time. And
I also got a 10-year guarantee on
the colour and shape stability
of the film.” The film retains its
shape and appearance over the
long term, resisting heat up to 110
degrees Celsius or cold down to
minus 50 degrees Celsius.

Facade Film also doesn’t
chalk or crack, which made
it a durable solution for
the Renault Barthel car
dealership project.

Facade modernization in Limburg an der Lahn

The challenge:

The solution:

In order to be able to rent a building in Limburg an der Lahn to an interested party, the building owners wanted to upgrade to a more modern external appearance.

Some of the existing blue colouring had already faded, and the owners decided to approach specialists in facade applications from to help them out with their request.

The glass building was upgraded
with a timelessly elegant look,
using Facade Film in basalt
gray. A representative of explained the
decision to use Facade Film:
“The adhesive properties at
temperatures below 5 degrees,
the satin-matt surface, the
possibility of colour matching,
adhesive strength even with
narrow edges and our experience
with facade film and outdoor
durability led to the choice of
Avery facade film.”

The process took the team
at a total
of 6 days, during which
they brought new life to
the building.