Colour Trends for 2023

bar decorated in blush

2023 is looking like the year for self-expression. People aren’t following trends so strictly, and the clean, minimalist aesthetic looks like a thing of the past. Folks are moving now towards bold colours and strong textures and truly just let their creativity flow within their space.

We’re seeing wall cladding and panelling pop up in places, creating texture and a cosy, warm environment for relaxation. We have found a few trends for 2023 that would inspire anyone, and we also have some solutions here that can help you achieve the look! 


1. Soft Shades of Bold Colours

soft shades of bold colors - kitchen interior - color trends

Softer shades of bold colours allow homeowners to bring attention to certain areas of the home without overpowering the space. It also allows for creating a more monochromatic style while injecting some personality. Softer shades are known to bring a sense of relaxation.


Our LX Hausys range of interior wall films is perfect for this trend, as we have some lovely soft shades. LX Hausys is our range of 3D interior wall films that mimic different textures and come in a vast range of colours. You will find something you love within this range, from solid colours to abstract textures. 

soft shades of bold colors - color palette for interior design

2. Deep Browns/Ochre

Brown is making a comeback due to it’s earthiness. We can see elements of nature coming back into homes and interior spaces. It’s natural colour and warmth brings an air of relaxation, grounding us and helping us feel more connected to nature. The versatility of brown or “Faux wood” applications means that you can experiment with other colours and textures as they always mesh well with nature.  

deep browns - ochre interior
deep browns - ochre1

Decal all decor 2d range gives space to the imagination in interior decoration. A set of properties brought together in a single-layer structure that makes it possible to idealise houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, and many other projects without investing in total remodelling or making changes. In interior decoration, every detail counts for comfort. The technical combination of printing and texture in the production of all decor 2d films makes the printed design and the deep pores of the relief coincident.

3. Green

Green shows no sign of fading in our homes. What makes green so timeless? Just take a look outside, it’s everywhere. It always has been and it always will be. Watch for this hue in everything from marble to tile to furnishings in the year ahead. We have just the thing!

green interior trend - green living room
green interior trend - green bedroom wall

Authentic handcrafted materials with self-adhesive backing – Avery Dennison Organoid Natural Surfaces offer endless unique, nature-inspired interior design possibilities. All with direct bonding from smooth, plastered and painted walls to textured concrete surfaces and windows.

3. Abstract Elements

We’re seeing more and more artistic expressions and abstract elements seeping into homes and spaces. 

abstract elements - wall art behind blue bed

People are leaning into their creativity, whether it be hand-painted murals, large bright-coloured feature walls, or painted furniture. 

abstract elements - yellow and grey sofas
abstract elements - wall art behind yellow sofa

Mactac Wall Films bring
design flexibility to even the most ambitious indoor applications, with a wide
choice of printable wall films. 

All deliver rapid application and reliable print performance. Access a whole new spectrum of creative possibilities for wall decoration, including pure canvas, crushed stone, coarse stucco and natural wood textures.

4. Blush

We’re seeing people move from the standard neutrals of beige and white. Why use neutrals when there is a whole world of colour to experiment with, right?

blush color palette for interior design

Blush is becoming a very popular colour to use as a base due to the fact that it blends in, goes with many colours and adds something special to a room without doing too much. 

bar decorated in blush

If you’re looking to get into blush we recommend LX Hausys. Not only can you change walls, but you can also wrap cupboards, chairs, tables, presses, islands, side tables, bookshelves, you name it. Get those creative juices flowing and see what you can do with your space! 


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