2023 Design Trends

See what’s in store for 2023 Design Trends

The design trends for 2023 are looking very enticing, and when you see them, I think you will feel the same! Although, in this day and age, not everyone can afford to gut out their kitchen or refurbish their living space every year. But why should you miss out on the fun because of this?

Here are 5 predicted design trends for 2023 and the products that can make it happen –without breaking the bank!

    • Workplace With a Flair.

We spend the most time either at home or in our workspace. In the last few years, this has become the same place for many people. Therefore, people are placing more importance on the look of their working environment at home. It’s well known that your space affects your mood so why not make it an inspiring and inviting space that you enjoy being in?  

Squid! This self-adhesive privacy film is perfect for an at-home office situation if you’re looking for some privacy from the outdoors or even from within your own home. The fabric has a natural and elegant character which enables you to upgrade a room by dressing up the windows or glass partitions minimally and stylishly. Perfect for some privacy while you work if you share your space with others.

    •  Bold Marble

Many people are incorporating bold statements into their homes using marble and bright colours. We all know that large slabs of marble are not only very expensive but also require installation which can be a massive disturbance. What if we told you that you could have this bold look without the disruption AND have some spare change for Christmas?

LX Hausys Interior Film is designed for flat lamination and profile wrapping. With its intelligent self-adhesive treatment, Architectural Film is easy to apply not only to flat surfaces but also to irregular surfaces, saving time and money. The Abstract range of films mimics the bold marble feature and comes in various different colours and marbling designs. 

    •  Moody or Dramatic Spaces

Experts are saying they see an increase in monochromatic and dark, moody spaces. Gothic is making a big comeback, with dark trims and details. We’re seeing an increase in the importance of antiques and family heirlooms, with people using them as a form of decorating. Walls and colours are following in tune with this type of design choice. We have the perfect films for transforming your space if this is your style.

The LX Hausys Wood range is perfect for this. We have a wide range of “stains” ranging from dark blue wood to warm and cool dark wood profiles. These are 3D films, which means they also mimic the texture of wood, giving your space added dimension and a realistic feel.

    • Bringing Nature Inside

This has been a trend for some years now and not only is it not going anywhere but we’re seeing it intensifying. With the influx of plant culture, we’ve been seeing a lot of large plants, tall ceilings, lots of natural light and earthy tones. Which we love! Here is how we can help you implement this into your home easily and cost-effectively.

Okay yes, adding plants and flowers to your home is lovely and add such a nice feel. Why not take it a step further and add natural organic wallpaper?

Organoid Natural Surfaces offer endless unique, nature-inspired interior design possibilities. Using natural raw materials, the Organoid products provide authentic handcrafted materials with self-adhesive backing – Avery Dennison Organoid is a one of a kind experience, engaging almost all of your senses. See it, Feel it, Smell it!

Again, you could also add more wood texture to your home using the LX Hausys Wood range interior film on your furniture and details. This is a great way to add a natural and organic feel to your home.

    • Designer feel Laundry/Bathroom

Designers and homemakers are increasingly creating spaces for the people within the home. Looking at the relationship between every room. The laundry and powder room get just as much attention to aesthetics as the rest of the home.

Again, using the LX Hausys 3D Interior Films to easily change up your aesthetic and create a well-designed, thought-out laundry or bathroom area.

The KömaStyle Design sheets are created by printing on a Komacel substrate with a high gloss coating to enhance the image and colour definition. These are wall-cladding sheets with a high-quality glass-looking finish. They’re moisture-resistant, chemical-resistant, scratch and abrasion-resistant, easy to clean, can be printed on and look super cool! Perfect for adding drama and flair to your space.



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